New Year's Eve Dinner

31th December 2017 - A Journey in Sicily

(octopus and “panella” chikpeas) (“Mazara” red prawn) (fried mussel, dill and lemon)
Champagne Paul Bara Réserve Brut (Pinot Nero 80% Chardonnay20%)
Amberjack flavored with Sicilian citrus
Champagne Paul Bara Réserve Brut (Pinot Nero 80% Chardonnay20%)
Roasted red mullet with Sikélaia style “caponata”
White Pomice 2015,Castellaro (Malvasia delle Lipari 60% Carricante40%)
Risotto with Langoustine, turnip tops and hazelnuts
Maria Costanza 2014 Magnum, Milazzo (Chardonnay 50% Inzolia 50%)
Lobster with “Niscemi” artichockes
Maria Costanza 2014 Magnum, Milazzo (Chardonnay 50% Inzolia 50%)
Veal filet with chestnuts cream and lotus sauce
Passorosso 2013 Jeroboam, Passopisciaro (Nerello Mascalese 100%)
Pomegranate and figs couscous
Passito di Pantelleria Bukkuram, Marco De Bartoli (Zibibbo)
Tangerine sphere with chocolatecreamy
Passito di Pantelleria Bukkuram, Marco De Bartoli (Zibibbo)
“Villalba” lentils

Tasting Menu € 180,00 p.p.beverages included

Booking: - +39 0229014556

Etimology Why Sikélaia?

It gives colour, perfume and Sicilian tastes. They are represented through the figs (Siké) and olive (elaia), plants that are characteristic of Trinacria.

Inspiration What we offer

We offer the strong taste of cooking which finds its roots among important Sicilian men such as Pirandello, Sciascia and Brancati and the way they spread the taste around the world.

Hospitality Welcoming with genuine feeling

Based on fully offering genuine products, which reflect the distinct signs of Sicilian hospitality.

Ristorante Sikélaia | Cucina Siciliana - Milano

The restaurant

Modern cooking Cooking and tastes of Sicily

Sikélaia comes from a clear approaching of its cooking. It continues to be intercontinental by world-wide products concentrating its attention on the taste and perfumes of its genuine land.



Sicilian contemporary

Concentration of taste Traditional with a modern touch
Hospitality The traditional way the Sicilians offer their hospitality
Seasonal Menu The use of products in season without altering the menu

Opening Hours

Lunch: Tuesday to Saturday, from 12:00 to 14:30pm (last seating at 1:45).
Dinner: Tuesday to Saturday, from 19:00 to 22:30pm (last seating at 21:45).
Opening Hours
Sunday and Monday Closed
Public pay parking Faced Restaurant Sikelaia
Types of cooking Philosophy
They offer an idea of the food and surroundings which light up the emotion of the guests in order to fill them with the desire to return.

The typical traditional Sicilian dishes have been re-invented according to the contemporary style. Looking over and applying techniques and vision learnt during all my experience as I went around the world, blending Sicilian vision with other gastronomic cultures.

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The art of cooking and eating
The culture of beauty
The aesthetic perfection
The balance of combinations
Seasonal products
The attention to detail
The essentiality
The cutting techniques

A trip around Sicily


Video: Giulia C. Massignan -
Musica: "Marranzano" di Angelo Adamo - etichetta "A Simple Lunch" (2016)


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Milano (IT)